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マーク・ヤマナカも在籍していた、ケアヴェ・トリオの希少なEP、『The Keawe trio EP』cdbabyよりダウンロード配信スタート!

The Keawe Trio EP - cdbaby Listen (試聴)
The Keawe Trio
Track Listings
1. Pua 'Iliahi
2. No Ke Ano Ahiahi
3. Hula By Moonlite
4. Hilo Hula
5. Pua Lilia
6. Pua 'Iliahi (Hula Version)

The Keawe Trio: EP


Album Notes

This is the first release from the Keawe Trio, a group of young Hawaiian music lovers, from the Hula Town of Hilo, Hawaii!  The hula classic Pua 'Iliahi by Bill Ali'iloa Lincoln is sung in the traditional Hawaiian falsetto style by Mark Yamanaka.  Emma Coloma-Nakano sings party favorites No Ke Ano Ahi Ahi and Hilo Hula with her unique soulful vocal flavor.  Also included is a swingin' new Hapa-Haole composition by Brandon Nakano and Mark's version of Alfred 'Alohikea's timeless Pua Lilia.  A hula version of Pua 'Ilihi, which contains no pa'ani (instrumental solos), for those of you who would like to perform a hula to this upbeat tune is also on this album. 

Hula Master and Hawaiian Cultural Icon George Na'ope writes:
To my three dear friends from Hilo who create beautiful Hawaiian music and sing with the purest of 'olelo...Mahalo a nui loa for sharing our culture.  The music on this CD is enjoyable for listening and perfect for learning the hula. 
Aloha, George Lanakilakeikiahiali'i Na'ope

Come and join the Keawe Trio with their "Hilo Sound" and beautiful interpretations of some of Hawaii's most beloved treasures!

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