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Kaleo Perry
1. Honolua


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オリジナル盤発売日: 2014/6/11
レーベル: The Lahui Project
著作権: 2014 Kaleo Perry
収録時間: 3:43
ジャンル: ハワイアン

Kaleo Perry is a Singer Songwriter originally from Maui residing now on Hawaii Island, HI. Kaleo also works in education as a Hawaiian Language teacher assistant & also performs live locally.

Written & Performed by Kaleo Perry. Produced & Recorded by Jaz Kaiwiko'o (Yglesias) . M&M by Damon Williams. Lead vocal & uke: Kaleo Perry, Guitar: Sean Robbins, UkeBass: Lorna Lim. Photo by 'Ehitu, Graphics by Monica Parker.

I chose to write a song about an amazing surfing spot on the island of Maui called Honolua. The words to this mele came to me much like the waves do gently at first but then unstoppable, picture this .Puka mai ka lā mai ke awāwa, the morning sun rising from the valley Kunihi ka pali pā ikaika mai ka Moaʻe Lehua, Stands tall is the cliff in the strong trade wind breeze, aʻiaʻi ke one, lipolipo ke kai me he lani lā, the sparking of the sand, the ocean as blue as the sky, ʻaʻala ka lipoa e maewa ana, the fragrance of the lipoa seaweed swaying in the sea, Hiki mai ka nalu mai kahiki mai, the surf traveling from afar, popoʻi mai ka nalu ma ka lae a pae i ke one, breaking are the waves from the point and landing on the shoreline, ʻaʻohe moku ma ke kai, ʻaʻohe poʻe ma ka ʻāina, the are no boats in the water nor any people on the shore, ʻo wau wale nō e kali ana i nā nalu nunui, i am the only one there waiting for these big waves to arrived, ʻo Honolua nō ia, kuʻu ʻāina, kuʻu home kaulana i ka heʻenalu, this is Honolua my land my home famous for surfing. I hope that one day you too can see its natural beauty through my eyes. Mahalo, Kaleo

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