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第41回ナ・ホク・ハノハノ・アワード2018、ファイナリスト(最終候補) 3

Island Music Album of the Year
1. Aloha From My Hawai‘i – Michael Chock (Seawind Productions)

Aloha from My HawaiiAloha from My Hawaii
Michael Chock

Michael Chock 2017-12-08

2. Coming Home – Cane Fire (Cane Fire Music)
Coming HomeComing Home
Cane Fire

Cane Fire 2017-12-01

3. Island Treasurers – Damien Paiva (no label)
Island TreasuresIsland Treasures
Damien Paiva

None 2017-02-01

4. People and Places of Na Ko‘olau – Rod Young and Gordon Broad (Moon Surfer Productions)
People and Places of Na Ko'OlauPeople and Places of Na Ko'Olau
Rod Young & Gordon Broad

Moon Surfer Productions 2017-11-20

5. So the Story Goes – Halemanu (Sounds Like Hale)

So the Story GoesSo the Story Goes

Sounds Like Hale 2018-01-02

Jazz Album of the Year
1. Deems Tsutakawa and Friends – Live in Hawaii – Deems Tsutakawa and Friends (J-Town Records)

Deems and Friends Live in HawaiiDeems and Friends Live in Hawaii
Deems Tsutakawa

J-Town Records 2017-03-31

2. Live at Studio 6 – Rich Crandall Trio (Music Formats)
Rich Crandall Trio Live at Studio 6Rich Crandall Trio Live at Studio 6
Rich Crandall Trio

Music Formats 2017-10-20

3. Mele Ho‘oilina – Kahulanui (Kahulanui, LLC)
Mele Ho'oilinaMele Ho'oilina

Kahulanui LLC 2017-12-16

4. Rendezvous At Eight – Jimmy C (Jimmy C)
Rendezvous at EightRendezvous at Eight
Jimmy C

Jimmy C 2017-11-10

5. Swanky at Abbey Road – Patrick von Wiegandt featuring Ginai (von Wiegandt Productions)
Swanky at Abbey RoadSwanky at Abbey Road
Patrick Von Wiegandt

Von Wiegandt Productions 2017-05-01

Metal Album of the Year (new)
1. Guns, God, Gold – Champions of Terminal (Tin Idol Productions)

Guns, God, GoldGuns, God, Gold
Champions of Terminal

Tin Idol Productions 2017-10-31

2. Medusa Live at Kumu Kahua Theatre – Storm (Tin Idol Productions)
Medusa Live at Kumu Kahua Theatre

3. New Genesis – Sin73 (Tin Idol Productions)
New GenesisNew Genesis

Tin Idol Productions 2017-08-01

4. Tribute – Makona (Tin Idol Productions)

Tin Idol Productions 2017-10-14

5. Zodiac – Storm (Tin Idol Productions)

Zodiac [Explicit]Zodiac [Explicit]

Tin Idol Productions 2017-10-01


Music Video of the Year (new)
1. Bamboo – Kimie Miner (Haku Records)

2. E Nā Kini – Kalani Pe‘a (Kalani Pe‘a Music)

3. E Pili Mai – Nāpua (Pihana Productions)

4. Kewalo Uka – Keauhou (Keauhou)

5. When I Come Home – Kapena (KDE)

R&B Album of the Year
1. Genres of Soul – RJ Kaneao (Groove Plant Hawaii)

Genres of SoulGenres of Soul
Rj Kaneao

Groove Plant Hawaii c/o Robert Sterling Music 2017-12-22

2. Point Panic – Mango Season (no label)
Point PanicPoint Panic
Mango Season

Mango Season 2017-06-01

3. Universal Invitation – Goldawn Won & The Universe (808 Connects)

Reggae Album of the Year
1. Almost Famous – Backwards Shaka (Yucky Apple Studios)

Almost FamousAlmost Famous
Backwards Shaka

Yucky Apple Studios 2017-10-12

2. Live What You Love – Mark Saito (Mark Saito Music)
Live What You LoveLive What You Love
Mark Saito

Mark Saito Music 2017-02-12

3. Marching Orders – The Green (Easy Star Records)

Marching OrdersMarching Orders
The Green

Easy Star 2017-10-20

Religious Album of the Year
1. Carry Me On – Mark Riley (Music Missions International Kauai)

Carry Me OnCarry Me On
Mark Riley

Music Missions International Kaua`i 2017-07-30

2. Greatest Love, The – Nigel Kauanui (no label)
The Greatest Love
Nigel Kauanui

3. Kingdom– New Hope Oahu Music (Dream Music)
Kingdom (Live)Kingdom (Live)
New Hope Oahu

Dream Worship 2017-09-08

4. Simply for Ke Akua – Kenneth Makuakāne (KMM)
Simply for Ke AkuaSimply for Ke Akua
Kenneth Makuakane

KM Music 2017-12-31

5. Souljahs of Jesus Christ – Sons of Yeshua (Bless Up Productions)
Souljahs of Jesus ChristSouljahs of Jesus Christ
Sons of Yeshua

Righteous Rudeboy Productions 2017-12-25

Rock Album of the Year
1. Along These Lines – Zach Manzano (Zach Manzano)

Along These LinesAlong These Lines
Zach Manzano

Zach Manzano 2017-12-02

2. Eklectic – Stuart Hollinger (Baby Boy Productions)
Stuart Hollinger

3. Lightning Strikes Hilo – Larry Dupio (no label)
Lightning Strikes HiloLightning Strikes Hilo
Lightnin' Larry Dupio

Larry Dupio 2017-11-17

4. Lock – The Bandhas (Ultramega Records)
The Bandhas

Ultramega Records 2017-10-28

5. Lovechile – Lovechile (Pass Out Records)

Pass Out Records 2017-11-24

6. Shining – Pierce Bivens (Bandwagon Studios)
Pierce Bivens

Pierce Bivens 2017-09-29



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